Pop im Kiez


+++ The Application Period for 2021 has ended / Next Deadline for Applications for 2022: November 1, 2021+++

Please note: The English translation exclusively serves informational purposes; solely the German version is binding.



The funding programme Pop im Kiez funds projects that make a contribution towards the acceptance of live pop music in a particular Berlin neighbourhood in the form of pilot projects, a campaign or a series of interventions.

The programme addresses the current displacement of subcultural spaces in Berlin. It is intended to strengthen scene-based music communities, their structures and networks within a Berlin neighbourhood and should produce positive effects for local clubs and venues.

With the term pop music‘ Musicboard refers to all genres of popular music as well as cross-genre or experimental pop music that cannot be clearly assigned to the categories of jazz or classical and new music.

Note: The programme Pop im Kiez does not fund individual artists or bands, please therefor check the programmes Scholarships & Residencies and Support-Tour Funding!



Project Scope
The supported projects should generate an overall benefit for the pop music scene and music industry, thus the submitted projects should comprise a total scope of at least 5.000 Euro (which does not have to be the requested amount of funding). The implementation of the proposed project cannot commence before the notification of the funding decision and must be scheduled for and concluded within the specific year of funding.

Funding Priorities
The funding decisions are made with an eye to representing the social and cultural diversity of Berlin’s music scene. Musicboard focuses on promoting women* and BIPOC in pop culture as well as strengthening the LGBTQI+ scene. In particular, the content of the projects must be based on a 50/50 participation of women, trans or non-binary people (e.g. bookings, workshop management, cultural workers and artists).

In addition, one focus is on accessibility and inclusion. The aim is to bring people with and without disabilities together in Berlin’s club and concert life. Applicants are requested to make their project accessible and experienceable for people with disabilities. This includes that at least half of the events in a series must be accessible, and for individual events, at least the main stage or main venue must be accessible. We further welcome the active involvement of people with disabilities into the project and line-ups. Applicants are encouraged to develop projects which deal creatively with the topic of inclusion and consider aspects of accessibility and inclusion and the outreach to people with disabilities. Any according expenses (excluding investment costs) can be calculated into the project budget. A summary of information on the participation of people with disabilities within arts and culture and on creating accessible events in project funding can be found here (currently in German only). In case of a positive jury decision, it is possible for applicants to receive free advice from a team of experts on making the project accessible.

Project Design in regards to Coronavirus
Please note that the future situation can currently not be assessed. We therefore recommend that projects are designed in such a way that they could also be implemented e.g. digitally, taking into account the current COVID-19 containment measures.

Funded Projects
An overview of the projects funded so far in the programme Pop im Kiez can be found here.



Application Submission & Review
Funding in the programme Pop im Kiez is awarded through the Musicboard Berlin GmbH upon recommendation of an independent jury of Berlin-based pop experts and in consultation with the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Since 2020 the following jury has been appointed for a three-year term of office:

  • Christoph Reimann – radio journalist Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and ByteFM
  • Dahlia Borsche – musicologist and curator
  • Esra Karakaya – journalist and video producer
  • Gregor Hotz – managing director Musikfonds e.V.
  • Judyta Smykowski, journalist Die Neue Norm and taz
  • Vivian Perkovic, journalist, presenter Deutschlandfunk Kultur and 3sat Kulturzeit

Short information about the jury members can be found here.


Application Deadlines
The application deadlines for the programme Pop im Kiez in 2021 are November 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021 at midnight (00:00 in the night leading into November 2, 2020 or April 2, 2021).

Application Language
All application documents may be submitted in either German or English.

Application Documents
The following application documents for the programme Pop im Kiez must be submitted online only:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Detailed Project Description including programme/timetable, team introduction, project goals and explanations on the barrier-free, inclusive and diverse outline of the project. The project description must be submitted exclusively in the template for Microsoft users or the template for Apple users provided for this purpose.
  • Further Attachments to the Project Description such as confirmations from venues and cooperation partners, documentation and information material from past projects (press material, images, etc.)
  • Specification of costs indicating the amount of funding requested. The specification of costs must be submitted exclusively in the template provided for this purpose.

Note on Specification of Costs
We would like to recommend the following minimum fees for artists. This recommendation is a guideline, the actual fees paid depend on the degree of professionalization and popularity of the artist as well as the setting of the event:
Bands: 200,00 EUR – 250,00 EUR per musician
Single musicians and duos: 500,00 EUR per musician

Members of the jury or employees of the Senate of Berlin or of Musicboard Berlin GmbH and their dependents may not apply.

Detailed Funding Information
Detailed information on the following points can be found in the Musicboard funding guidelines for funding programmes:

1. Funding objectives and legal basis
2. Object of funding
3. Funding recipient
4. Prerequisites for funding
5. Type, scope and rates of funding, e.g. financial plan
6. Other terms and conditions
7. Procedure
8. Period of validity

The General Auxiliary Conditions for Project Funding (Allgemeine Nebenbestimmungen für Zuwendungen zur Projektförderung – ANBest-P) can be found here (in German only): Allgemeine_Nebenbestimmungen_ANBest-P.pdf



The application period for the year 2021 has ended. Information on the application for 2022 will be announced in autumn 2021.



We’re happy to answer questions regarding the application for the program Pop im Kiez via email or telephone:

  • Consultation by telephone:
    Tel: +49 (0)30 280 467 67