Pop-culture events in Berlin – such as festivals, concert series and workshops – are supported by Musicboard through the project-funding programmes Festival Funding, Karrieresprungbrett and Pop im Kiez. In addition to funding around 250 individual events each year, Musicboard itself has been organising the international festival Pop-Kultur since 2015 and – for and with music enthusiasts in the city – the Fête de la Musique since 2018. You can find all events funded by Musicboard as well as cooperations and our own events at a glance in our calendar.

Musicboard Events

Pop-Kultur 2022

Pop-Kultur Festival

Since 2015, the Pop-Kultur festival has been creating a discursive, diverse and inclusive setting through concerts, talks, readings, films and commissioned works. The festival is a hyphen between the perspectives of artists and the society they engage with. It facilitates dialogue and initiates long-term conversations that go beyond the music itself.
Fête de la Musique

Fête de la Musique

On June 21 each year, Berlin celebrates its Fête de la Musique. The event has been organised and produced by Musicboard Berlin since 2018. At around one hundred outdoor stages in every district, Berlin’s music scene presents its musical gifts to the city and its visitors. It’s a festival for and by Berlin, that lives for the joy of music and from a great citizen engagement.


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Tag der Clubkultur

This year's Tag der Clubkultur will once again honour the commitment and efforts of Berlin's club culture. For the first time, Tag der Clubkultur will not only take place on October 3, but for a whole week. Until October 9, the award-winning clubs and collectives will present the range and diversity of their club culture in at least 40 events.


Launched by the Latin American collective TRRUENO, ꐦO111L is an event whose heart beats for the intersection of installative, spatial works and live music. For one evening and one night at Fitzroy, TRRUENO puts the spotlight on a range of experimental and conceptual artists such as Qeei and Babynymph.


The Berlin music collective GRRRL-NOISY starts its first GRRRL-NOISY Festival! Under the motto »GRRRL, Make Some Noise!« six FLINTA* acts will perform at Badehaus Berlin demonstrating that FLINTA* musicians have a variety of talents and no fear of being loud. Acts such as Jealous, The Toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum and Voodoo Beach are part of the noisy lineup.


AL.Festival.2022 transforms Festsaal Kreuzberg into an all-day celebration of West Asian and North African contemporary music and art. Three different stages and an outdoor area will host both emerging and more established artists in a carefully curated lineup that features hip hop, rock, pop and electronic music.

Soy&Synth #3

Beyond shared similarities in flora and fauna, South East Asia and South America also share sound and musical practices that deal with cultural and political complexities of colonialism. While Berlin has become a melting pot for many artists and practices with ties to these regions, the representation of these discourses is missing. With its grassroots event series the art collective Soydivision teases this lack in 2022.