Musicboard’s funding programmes support Berlin’s pop-music scene, serving to strengthen its cultural, creative and economic standing. Through calls for concepts and subsequent jury-based selection procedures, the thematically diverse programmes fund musicians directly as well as various projects in the city’s music landscape producing innovative, diverse and relevant content.



Last Application Deadline 1.3.2024 / currently no application
Musicboard's scholarships support Berlin pop musicians and bands aiming for artistic or professional development with a certain music project.


Last Application Deadline 1.6.2024 / currently no application
Musicboard, along with national and international partners, places Berlin pop musicians in residencies to work in different settings, whether in Germany or abroad.

Hinterhalt Commission

Last Application Deadline 1.6.2024 / currently no application
In cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Musicboard’s Hinterhalt Commission supports the composition and design of a music theatre production for the project ›Aus dem Hinterhalt‹.

Support Tour Funding

Ongoing Application until 30.11.2024
Musicboard's Support Tour Funding programme supports up-and-coming Berlin musicians in their plans to tour with a more established act.


Label Funding

Next Application Deadline 15.8.2024, 6:00 p.m.
Musicboard's Label Funding programme supports Berlin labels in the implementation of specific steps to establish newcomer artists working mainly in Berlin.


Karrieresprungbrett Berlin

Last Application Deadline 1.4.2024 / currently no application
Musicboard's Karrieresprungbrett programme gives funding to projects and platforms that support the advancement of up-and-coming musicians in Berlin.

Pop im Kiez

Last Application Deadline 1.4.2024 / currently no application
Musicboard's Pop im Kiez programme supports pop-cultural pilot projects, campaigns and activities that focus on the interaction between live music and its local surroundings.

Festival Funding

Last Application Deadline 1.11.2023 / currently no application
Musicboard's Festival Funding programme provides funding to pop-music festivals in Berlin and offers perspectives on organisation.