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Through communication and intermediation among music makers, networks, administration, politics, and business within Berlin’s diverse pop music landscape, Musicboard aims to create transparency, offer guidance, and provide an overview: of relevant advisory and networking opportunities, public and private funding sources, and options for rehearsal spaces and qualification in Berlin.

Counselling Centres & Networks

Here you will find an overview of important contacts for Berlin's music makers, clubs, promoters and businesses, both for general and specific issues.

Funding Opportunities

Besides Musicboard's funding programmes, what other funding opportunities are there for Berliners involved in the music scene? You can get an overview here.

Rehearsal Spaces

Search for and find a space to practice in – Musicboard supports Berlin pop musicians with an overview of current rehearsal space initiatives and existing providers of rooms.

Qualification Opportunities

Anyone who works in the music sector in Berlin – or wants to – faces a wide range of opportunities for training and further education. Musicboard can provide preliminary orientation with a selection of courses, training and workshops.