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The Musicboard Berlin GmbH is the only institution of its kind nationwide with the aim to fund pop music in new and creative ways, and maintain a dynamic discourse on pop music in Berlin. The Musicboard counts on the innovative power of the music and creative industry. The Musicboard provides a new and courageous form of pop music funding.
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Musicboard Berlin GmbH
At silent green Kulturquartier
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (0)30 28878788

Funded projects

Bedroom Sessions

  The Bedroom Sessions are meant to present young musicians in Berlin and around the world. Artists will have the opportunity to reach and…

Supa Star Showcase

YAAM and its inclusive DJ collective welcome you to the Supa Star Showcase. In cooperation with the likes of Handiclapped, the RambaZamba Theater and…

Nils Ostendorf

Nils Ostendorf, born in 1977 in Hamburg, works in Berlin as a trumpet player and composer. He studied jazz trumpet from 1997 to 2002…

Anneli Bentler

Anneli Bentler grew up in Freiburg, Germany, with a classical music education and a passion for composers like Bach, Debussy, Ravel and Steve Reich….

Laure Boer

Laure Boer combines the expected and the unexpected. As much music as ritual, performance as spell, Boer fittingly describes her sound as “witchtronic”. Out…

dj scotch egg

  Armed only with Nintendo Game Boys and a penchant for mosh pits, DJ Scotch Egg began as an experimental 8-bit gabba and breakcore…

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