Martha Rose

Martha Rose is a multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin. She has released two LPs on vinyl and collaborates regularly with her contemporaries in Berlin, specialising in flute, violin, keyboard and backing vocals. She grew up listening to her parents’ cassettes and records, getting lost in the sounds of vintage folk, pop and experimental artists such as Laurie Anderson, Kraftwerk and traditional folk. She has played in bands since she was 16. Her songs dive deep into a poetic and emotional world, filled with shimmering synthesisers, punchy drum machines, and soft breathy vocals. Her lyrics explore both the cruelty and the sweetness of love, seen through a subtle lens of quirky and personal imagery. Martha Rose’s work incorporates a unique blend of songwriting, combining 80s disco/funk/modern boogie with a touch of English folk song. Her performances feature a warm wash of analogue Casio and DX 7 synth sounds, embedded in mystical lyricism and topped with her trademark silky voice.

Martha Rose receives a grant of 4,500 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Martha Rose (black-and-white shot)
Martha Rose (photo: Marion Rukavina)