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Inclusive participation in pop culture is one of Musicboard’s main objectives. Musicboard is mindful of the diversity within Berlin’s pop-cultural landscape, aiming to make funded projects and its own events as open and accessible as possible to everyone. In addition to information in plain language, you can find details on diversity in our funding, the project Barrierefrei durch den Kiez (»Barrier-Free through the Neighbourhood«) initiated in 2020, and an overview of specialised counselling centres and guides. Our team is always available for any questions, concerns and suggestions regarding diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the context of Musicboard funding at

Diversity in Musicboard Funding

How does Musicboard see diversity and inclusion? And what role do these play in Musicboard's activities? You can find out here.

Information in Simple Language

Musicboard Berlin supports pop music. Pop music for everyone. It offers various things. Here you can find all information about the Musicboard in simple language.

Barrierefrei durch den Kiez

In 2020, Musicboard initiated a pool of advisors to help funding recipients and other event organisers better understand accessibility and its implementation. Find out more about the project here.

Expert Advice Centres & Guides

Strengthening diversity, implementing inclusion – Musicboard provides an overview of specialised counselling centres and guides on the topics of awareness, accessibility and anti-discrimination.