Wooly Aziz

Wooly Aziz is a solo, progressive R&B/soul/left-field project by Jannat Sohail from Pakistan, also listed in the Alternative Power 100 Music List (2020) for Resilience and Adaptability. Best described as soulful and transcending borders with her atmospheric compositions and lyrical storytelling, Wooly Aziz is composing stories of love, war, and migration – particularly in her newly conceptualized album: ›Bluelight Moonlight‹. Born in Pakistan, Wooly rose to recognition as a Founding Member of Pakistan’s nationally celebrated »first« all-female ensemble, airing on the television series Nescafe Basement, Season 4. In 2021, Aziz moved to Berlin to pursue her residency with Pop-Kultur, challenging the echo chamber of the digestible, commercial industry as a stepping stone to sonic growth.  In her recent work, Wooly Aziz has adapted an expansive electronic palette and artistically-driven collaborations, being suitably described as »left-field electronic« by Rolling Stone and »soulful synth« with an »immersive atmosphere« by Various Small Flames. Aziz also delves into bass selections as her DJ alias AZIEZ, which began with the mentorship practice with Femme Bass Mafia in 2023.

Wooly Aziz receives a grant of 4,500 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Wooly Aziz
Wooly Aziz (photo: Naveed Amjad)