Label Funding

+++ last application deadline in 2020 was September 15, 2020 +++

Please note: The English translation exclusively serves informational purposes; solely the German version is binding.


In dialogue with Musicboard, independent labels in Berlin have expressed a need for funding to help establish up-and-coming Berlin artists. This has resulted in a plan to give funding to labels, not only to meet Musicboard’s goal of supporting newcomer Berlin artists as they develop their careers, but also to ease the financial burden on independent labels in Berlin, enabling them to operate with more flexibility.



Up to now, Musicboard has funded artists indirectly by funding events and structures in the funding programs ‘Karrieresprungbrett Berlin’, ‘Pop im Kiez’ and ‘Festival Funding’, and indirectly in the funding programs ‘Scholarships & Residencies’ and ‘Support-Tour Funding’. In the case of funding for Berlin labels, the artists benefit not only from financial support but also from the expertise of the labels.

Funding is provided for specific components of an overall marketing concept developed by the applying label for a given artist. The concept must already be in the process of being implemented, e.g. a single has already been released or has been verifiably planned. Labels may apply for individual components, e.g. the creation of a press kit or a promotion campaign, but not for the complete package of the marketing concept. Production costs (studio recordings, mixing, mastering, manufacturing) for commercial releases, whether physical or streaming, will not be considered. Artists may instead apply for such production costs in the funding program ‘Scholarships & Residencies’.

The components applied for must be carried out in the current calendar year.



  • The label must be independent as defined by VUT: owner- or artist-run, officially registered, not part of a corporation, no more than 5% of market share in the segment (see also
  • The label must be able to provide proof of a label code with the GVL (Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten).
  • Only one instance of funding per artist per year and a maximum of two instances of funding per label per year for a total amount of up to 5,000.00 EUR per year will be considered.
  • The funding may not be used for a complete marketing concept but rather for one component, e.g. PR work. The label must be able to show that it has already taken steps with the artist/project or plans to do so (e.g. an album has already been produced, a press kit is to be created).
  • The funding may not be used for the production of recorded media intended for sale (e.g. the creation and pressing of an album or EP).
  • The artist must be able to provide official proof of residence in Berlin.
  • The individual component applied for may not have already begun.


Additionally, the applying label must have:

  • already professionally handled at least two releases (artist albums / new productions)
  • suitable distribution for the release on a national or international scale
  • proper management and be a position to guarantee and prove that the funds are used in accordance with their intended purpose



Application Submission & Review
Applications are submitted and funds allocated on a quarterly basis upon recommendation of a jury. The recommendation is made by the jury of the ‘Scholarships & Residencies’ program.
The project period or the project implementation does not have to take place in the quarter in which the application is submitted.

Application Deadlines
February 15 for the 1st quarter of 2020
March 15 for the 2nd quarter of 2020
June 15 for the 3rd quarter of 2020
September 15 for the 4th quarter of 2020

Application Documents
The following documents must be submitted exclusively online for the ‘Label Funding’ program:

  • Fully completed application form
  • Project description with explanation of the requested measure
  • Artist biography/description of artistic career
  • Links to audio clips
  • Proof of a contractual relationship between label and artist (signing)
  • Proof of proper management, distribution and entrepreneurial professionalism, e.g. via an overview of previous successful releases, cooperation with external distributors, etc.
  • Proof that there is no ownership by a major label, e.g. a certificate of registration or written confirmation from the management
  • Proof of residence of the artistIMPORTANT: Berlin must be clearly evident as place of residence!
  • Specification of costs indicating the amount of funding requested


Detailed Funding Information
Detailed information on the following points can be found in the Musicboard funding guidelines for funding programs:

1. Funding objectives and legal basis
2. Object of Funding
3. Funding recipient
4. Prerequisites for funding
5. Type, scope and rates of funding, e.g. financial plan
6. Other terms and conditions
7. Procedure
8. Period of validity



The last application period for the year 2020 has ended. Information on the application for 2021 will be announced at the end of 2020.





We’re happy to answer questions regarding the application for the ‘Label Funding’ program via email or telephone:

  • Consultation by telephone:
    Tel: +49 (0)30 280 467 67