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Around 150 funded musicians and music projects in Berlin are supported by the Musicboard annually through its Scholarships and Residencies, Support Tour Funding as well as the funding programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin, Pop im Kiez and Festival Funding. You can view all of the projects funded thus far by Musicboard Berlin here.
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portrait of babelfis members Sevda Hamzacebi and Cem Dinler


babelfis is an indie/pop duo formed by musicians Sevda Hamzacebi and Cem Dinler. Hailing from Istanbul – now based in …

Max Prosa (Foto: Chris Gonz)

Max Prosa

»I am not necessarily interested in saying something that has never been said before,« says Max Prosa. »Rather, I want …

Sofia Portanet (Foto: Lia Kalka)

Sofia Portanet

With her very own style of singing as well as through mixing influences from classical music and opera with an …

Steve Mekoudja (Photo: Yos Clark)

Steve Mekoudja

Steve Mekoudja travels the world with words. The Cameroonian writer is active as a computer technician and cook, runs a …

Nils Ostendorf (Foto: Oliver Schultz-Berndt)

Nils Ostendorf

Nils Ostendorf works in Berlin as a trumpet player and composer. He studied jazz trumpet from 1997 to 2002 at …

Anneli Bentler (Foto: Jannis Knüpfer)

Anneli Bentler

Anneli Bentler grew up in Freiburg, Germany, with a classical music education and a passion for composers like Bach, Debussy, …

Ben Jackson (Photo: Linnea Palmestal)

Ben Jackson

Glossy and angular,spacious and atmospheric. Ben Jackson’s music sweeps over a broad landscape of sonic textures. The Canadian producer takes …

GIL (Foto: Pattrick Mettraux)


A vantage point to experiencing GIL’s music is one’s body and the haptic-affective sensation music creates; this was also the …