As gölgede-güneşte, Can, Cem, Sevda and Wataru bring sun and shadow together through music. Melancholic as well as hopeful melodies form a collective narrative that is nurtured by disparate elements. babelfis, however, is more intimate. It is the dialogue of gölgede-güneşte members Sevda Hamzacebi and Cem Dinler, who previously shared all kinds of stories with each other in their Istanbul days, translating them into an indie-pop sound. With their roots in West Asia and experiences as migrants in Germany, the duo focus on developing a musical expression and poetry that does justice to their personal backgrounds. Whether in the songcraft or the melodies, Cem Dinler’s jazz training shines through, while Sevda Hamzacebi uses abstracted lyrics in support of climate protection and sustainability, and against barriers and abysses.

portrait of babelfis members Sevda Hamzacebi and Cem Dinler
babelfis (Photo: Arda Funda)