Steve Mekoudja

Steve Mekoudja travels the world with words. The Cameroonian writer is active as a computer technician and cook, runs a podcast and has mastered another language for himself besides these forms of expression: music. In 2018, he released ›Rituals‹, an album of poetry accompanied by the sounds of mbira and guitar on which he turned traditional notions of African and Black masculinity on their heads while also encouraging fellow young POC to realise more visions like those of Rosa Parks or James Baldwin. Early 2022 saw the release of ›Origins‹, an EP accompanied by elaborate self-directed videos, exploring contemporary African music as much as socio-political issues. Mekoudja continues to travel the world and, in the search for an African identity, he is discovering his very own.

In 2020, Steve Mekoudja receives a grant of 5,000 euros to produce the visual half of his upcoming second album.

In 2021, Steve Mekoudja is receiving a grant of 2,000 euros to work on an EP.

Steve Mekoudja receives one of the two Hinterhalt scholarships in 2022 to compose and design an evening of the series ›Aus dem Hinterhalt‹ in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in the 2023/24 season.

Steve Mekoudja (Photo: Yos Clark)
Steve Mekoudja (Photo: Yos Clark)