Steve Mekoudja

Photo: Sali Fayssal

Steve Mekoudja is an artist who crosses media and genres as director, author, poet and musician. After having published several fictional texts and winning awards, Steve Mekoudja released his project ›Rituals‹ in 2019, intertwining music, poetry, dance and cinema with topics such as toxic masculinity and the notion of Africanity. Through the eyes of a young, Black, African, Cameroonian, Bamiléké, ›Rituals‹ aims to question identities. In a rendezvous between word, dance, music and photography, Mekoudja utters a simple reminder to be aware of ourselves and others in our visions. In 2020, Steve Mekoudja is working on his first novel, his second film and his second album that will continue the discussion on topics of identity from a different angle.

In November 2020 Steve Mekoudja is on tour with Mal Élevé and is therefore receiving Musicboard’s Support-Tour Funding.

For 2020, Steve Mekoudja is receiving a grant in the amount of 5,000 euros to produce the visual half of his upcoming second album.

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