Anneli Bentler

Anneli Bentler grew up in Freiburg, Germany, with a classical music education and a passion for composers like Bach, Debussy, Ravel and Steve Reich. At the age of seven she started to compose little pieces on the piano, developing her sense of harmonic structures that are still present in her music today. Following the urge to produce her own music independently, she went to study pop-music production after school. A strong visual component in her music and an overwhelming desire to work beyond the limitations of genres finally led her to London, where she studied composition for moving images as a scholarship holder at City University. This is when she was finally able to combine her passion for electronic and classical music with sound design and moving images through collaborations with orchestras, filmmakers and pop musicians of the London scene. Today, she composes and produces electronic/experimental pop songs and music videos for her solo project Queen Alaska. Bentler’s music is eclectic, delicate, complex and accessible at once. Her sound is sophisticated and recognizable, merging elements of classical music, electronic music and sound design into soundscapes with a subtle, soothing impact on the listener.

For 2019, Anneli Bentler is granted one of the two domestic scholarships for the composition and design of an evening from the series AUS DEM HINTERHALT at Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Anneli Bentler (Foto: Jannis Knüpfer)
Anneli Bentler (Photo: Jannis Knüpfer)