Allocation of Funding: Scholarships & Residencies 2022

For the tenth year in a row, Musicboard Berlin, together with an independent jury, is awarding scholarships and residencies to pop musicians and bands who live and work in Berlin.


With a total of 628 scholarship and 99 residency applications, we received more applications than ever before in the Scholarships & Residencies programme in 2022.We are happy to be able to support 33 great musicians and bands through scholarships with a total amount of 179.150,00 euros.

Nine of this year’s scholarship holders will also receive an individual musician and band coaching.

In 2022, the following artists will receive a Musicboard Scholarship:

Artist / BandFunding
Ahmed Mahmoud4.000,00 €
Aka Kelzz5.000,00 €
Aria5.000,00 €
Baby Smith7.000,00 €
Berus6.000,00 €
CAVA5.000,00 €
Christin Nichols5.000,00 €
DFRNT6.000,00 €
DJ Ipek5.000,00 €
Dmitra5.000,00 €
Dornika5.000,00 €
fem*ergy collective5.550,00 €
Ghostpoet7.000,00 €
Gotopo6.500,00 €
Güner Künier5.000,00 €
Guterzogene Asis4.000,00 €
houaïda5.000,00 €
Jembaa Groove5.000,00 €
JuJu Rogers5.000,00 €
JUWEEL5.000,00 €
Modha6.000,00 €
Mona Yim5.000,00 €
O'Swald5.000,00 €
p a l e5.000,00 €
PARI SAN6.000,00 €
Petra Hermanova5.000,00 €
Portrait XO6.000,00 €
Soraya6.500,00 €
venturathagay5.600,00 €
Vera Tavares6.000,00 €
WAYNE SNOW7.000,00 €
Worldwiderythm4.000,00 €



In the first funding round of the Musicboard residencies in 2022, 10 Berlin and international musicians will receive international residencies and two-way tandem-residencies in Ris-Orangis / Paris, Panicale, Kampala / Berlin, Salvador de Bahia, Havana, Accra / Berlin and Tel Aviv / Berlin. As part of its tandem residencies, the Musicboard again invites international musicians to Berlin for joint transcultural co-productions with Berlin musicians.

In 2022, the following artists will receive an international or a two-way tandem-residency:

ArtistResidency Location
EVÎN Le Plan, Ris-Orangis/Paris, France
Martina Stock Panicale, Italy
Kabeaushé (Kampala) & (Berlin) Kampala, Uganda / Berlin, Germany
NASHI44 Salvador de Bahia, Brasil
Jeannel Havana, Cuba
Poetra Asantewa (Accra) & Oihane Roach (Berlin) Accra, Ghana / Berlin, Germany
N.N. Tel Aviv, Israel / Berlin, Germany – currently still in selection process

The scholarships and residencies were recommended by a jury of Berlin pop experts, consisting of Julia Lorenz (editor and author), Pamela Owusu-Brenyah (freelance A&R, music consultant, curator Pop-Kultur Festival), Sarah Farina (DJ and producer), Thien Nguyen (label operator, DJ, music and film producer) and Katja Lucker (Managing Director of Musicboard Berlin GmbH).

The jury remarks: »727 applications for project scholarships and residencies: never before has the jury been poring over the applications, listening to music and studying project ideas as long and intensively as this year. Berlin’s pop and techno scene has not been brought to its knees by the pandemic and presents itself as lively as if the challenges of the past years had never existed. The jury of the Musicboard was enthusiastic about the diversity of ideas and biographies in this round of applicants, about the high number of women and non-binary people, BIPoC and queer artists who counter the white, heterosexual mainstream with their visions. Last but not least, the jury was impressed by the professionalism of the applications. We can’t imagine better ambassadors for the bold, diverse pop city of Berlin than the 43 acts that the Musicboard will support with a scholarship or residency in 2022.«


For additional selected residencies, there will again be a second application deadline on June 1, 2022. The two Hinterhalt Commissions in cooperation with Deutsche Oper Berlin will also be awarded at this application deadline.

Within the Label Funding programme with application deadlines on May 15 and August 15 2022, Musicboard Berlin once again awards indirect support for artists by funding independent labels who are planning specific steps to establish newcomer artists based in Berlin.

In addition, up-and-coming Berlin pop musicians can apply for the Musicboard’s Support Tour Funding programme, which supports musicians in their plans to go on national or international tour with a more established act. Ongoing applications are open until November 30, 2022.

Further information on Musicboard’s scholarship holders in 2022 will be available here soon.


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Scholarships & Residencies 2022