Musician & Band Coaching

Last Application Deadline 1 March 2024, 6:00 p.m.

Maureen Noe
T +49 (0)30 221 84 89 88
Consulting hours: Tue & Thu 10–12 a.m., Wed 4–6 p.m.

1 Overview

Musicboard’s Musician and Band Coaching offers six selected scholarship recipients the opportunity to receive an individual coaching that is designed to support them in pursuing their funded project. The subject of each coaching session is tailored to the needs and goals of the musicians. Each coaching includes six individual sessions as well as two workshops for all the scholarship holders receiving coaching in the same funding year. The workshops enable the artists to exchange ideas and experiences.

2 Mentor

The coachings will be carried out by Jovanka von Wilsdorf. Jovanka von Wilsdorf is a certified systemic coach, songwriter at BMG Rights Management and initiator of the AI songwriting contest DIANA. As an artist profiler and production consultant she works with major and indie artists as well as with the Music Pool Berlin and Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs. Internationally, Jovanka gives workshops and masterclasses at renowned festivals. In 2022 she initiated the Female*Producer Price for Music Women* Germany and implemented the project in partnership with Sony Music.

Coaching with Jovanka von Wilsdorf can for example focus on matchmaking in the music industry, authentic storytelling on social media, solving creative blockades, developing the artist profile as well as a productive workflow, content creation with AI tools, introduction to performance possibilities in the Metaverse and the creation of own NFT collections.

3 Experience Reports

»Jovanka offered a warm space for me to share and listened attentively. In turn I received her support, honest thoughts and also alternate points of view, blind spots to consider. I truly cherished her ability to make me see the progress despite my worries. Internally, these sessions changed the course for me, and revealed that some things I thought were missing were already there.« – Petra Hermanova, Scholarship Holder 2022

»In a pivotal moment of flourishing in my career Jovanka felt like a kind and wise guiding company. It made a difference to have someone from the future stand in front of your present, with not only the wisdom but an authentic desire to become a part of your process and stand by you as you grow. […] A trip with Jovanka is one guaranteed to leave you if not with full answers, definitely with the right questions.« – Gotopo, Scholarship Holder 2022

4 Conditions

Eligible to apply are musicians and bands living and working in Berlin. Please note: The coaching is awarded exclusively in connection with a Musicboard Project Scholarship.

5 Application

Musicians can apply for the Musician & Band Coaching only when submitting an application for a Project Scholarship via the provided application tool. Applicants interested in receiving the coaching must in one paragraph in German or in English describe their motivation for participating in the coaching programme. The description should explain why coaching makes sense at the respective point in the artist’s career, which topic or field the applicant would like to work on, and what the artist expects from the coaching.

All information about the Project Scholarship can be found here.

Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2020 – Jovanka von Wilsdorf
Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs 2020 – Jovanka von Wilsdorf
Portrait of coach Jovanka von Wilsdorf
Jovanka von Wilsdorf (photo: Olga Blackbird)