cesco.blz is a German-Brazilian artist who has established himself both as a rapper and a drummer. His music is a fusion of genres including Brazilian funk, samba, trap, and R&B, combining 808 beats and a variety of harmonies to create a unique atmosphere. But it’s not only his music that sets cesco.blz apart. Through his cultural influences and his multilingualism, he manages to bridge gaps among languages and genres. Themes like belonging, identity, pain, and happiness speak to an international audience, making his output relatable for people of all backgrounds. In late 2021, cesco.blz released his debut album and impressed audiences at various stages and festivals. His music is like a familiar embrace that morphs into a collective dance that brings people together.

cesco.blz receives a grant of 7,500 euros in 2023. In the course of the grant cesco.blz receives coaching from Nicky Böhm.

cesco.blz playing the drums
Photo: Luis Erdmann