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Around 150 funded musicians and music projects in Berlin are supported by the Musicboard annually through its Scholarships and Residencies, Support Tour Funding as well as the funding programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin, Pop im Kiez and Festival Funding. You can view all of the projects funded thus far by Musicboard Berlin here.
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Queen Quail, standing in the middle of blooming elder bushes

Queen Quail

Queen Quail is the dream-pop/alt-country project of Kirstin Edwards. Reverberant guitar riffs and chilling vocals fill the open spaces of …

Portrait of Noa


NOA is an English-speaking singer with Filipino and African-American roots who’s active in the world of alt-pop. Her songs are …

Portrait of Mapp


Mapp has quietly been making appearances in the Berlin music scene for the last six years. She has released two …

ILYICH with a 6-string bass performing at Pop-Kultur Festival


ILYICH is a musician and storyteller reincarnated in Kherson, Ukraine. Augmenting music performances with performance art, ILYICH pilots full sound …

Dylan Hunter Chee Greene playing the drums

Dylan Hunter Chee Greene

Dylan Hunter Chee Greene is an Asian American electronic jazz musician and from the Pacific Northwest. He focuses on color, …

Portrait von DONBASGRL mit einem aufwendigen Kopf- und Gesichtsschmuck


DONBA₴GRL is a Ukrainian avant-pop artist based in Berlin. Her sound is characterised by deep bass and Ukrainian folklore. Originally …

cesco.blz playing the drums


cesco.blz is a German-Brazilian artist who has established himself both as a rapper and a drummer. His music is a …

Portrait of Allysa Grace

Allysa Grace

Allysa Grace is an Asian-Latin-American vocalist and keyboardist from Austin, Texas, now based in Berlin. Her latest release, ›Wondercolors‹, is …

Portrait of Oihane Roach

Oihane Roach

Oihane Roach is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter and composer telling transgenerational stories of love and solidarity. With a warm, clear voice …