Queen Quail

Queen Quail is the dream-pop/alt-country project of Kirstin Edwards. Reverberant guitar riffs and chilling vocals fill the open spaces of her songs with a haunting beauty. Queen Quail invites her listeners to feel and be, and mostly to let these sad girl songs transport and soothe you.

A cellist by training, Kirstin came to Berlin from the lakeside town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2016. She has since established herself as an active member of the Berlin music scene, supporting and collaborating with local acts such as Thala, Minoa, and Martha Rose. The Wisconsin native has metamorphosed since her start in the DIY scene in the American Midwest, filling rooms at local favourites like Gretchen and Marie Antionette.

Blending subtle country references and guitar heavy pop riffs with a dreamily haunting voice, her songs reflect the story of a girl who left home to become a woman, embracing all of the heart break, introspection, and self-realisation along the way.

Queen Quail receives a grant of 7,000 euros in 2023. In the course of the grant Queen Quail receives coaching from Jovanka von Wilsdorf.

Queen Quail, standing in the middle of blooming elder bushes
Photo: Georgia Gleason