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Around 150 funded musicians and music projects in Berlin are supported by the Musicboard annually through its Scholarships and Residencies, Support Tour Funding as well as the funding programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin, Pop im Kiez and Festival Funding. You can view all of the projects funded thus far by Musicboard Berlin here.
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EVÎN (Photo: Diyar Akar)


EVÎN is a singer, songwriter, producer and one of the most exciting new voices in R&B. Her music blends elements …

OY (Photo: Paula Faraco)


One minute the world was moving closer together, the next it was pulling up national borders again. Well, that’s the …

Ari (Photo: Nuša Hernavs)


Ari is an artist and electronic music producer based in Berlin. They write, produce and perform genre-bending music that thinks …

Discovery Zone (Photo: Lucas Chantre)

Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone is the moniker of musician and multi-media artist JJ Weihl who is also a founding member of the …

EASTER (Foto: Mariana Pacho Lopez)


EASTER is the Berlin-based duo of writer Stine Omar and producer Max Boss, who place the deadpan delivery of riddling …

Johanna Amelie, wearing a yellow shirt, in front of an italian pizza place

Johanna Amelie

Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Johanna Amelie resides in Berlin. She writes folky, ethereal, and contemporary songs about anything that stirs …

Malonda (Foto: Demetrius Lakakis)


To the moon and back: this is how the musical career of Achan Malonda could be described. Born in 1983 …

NOSOYO (Foto: Louis Bürk)


The emerging Berlin-based duo NOSOYO (pronounced no-soy-yó) is composed of two dynamic artists: Donata (vocals, guitar, songwriting) and Daim (vocals, …

Apples In Space (Foto: Isa Zappe & Philine Barbe)

Apples In Space

Norwegian-native Julie Mehlum has been an integral part of the Berlin indie scene for a few years now- as co-songwriter and …