Discovery Zone

Photo: Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone is the solo project of New York-born, Berlin-based JJ Weihl. The multi-media artist explores the nexus between video art, performance and pop music. Her laboratory of sound consists of drum machines, synthesisers, electric guitar, vocoder and theremin. Her work also utilizes sound collage and algorithmic arts, juxtaposing melodies with philosophical storytelling to explore the question of what it means to be human in relation to technology and AI. As a founding member of Fenster, Weihl has released four records with the band, toured extensively throughout North America and Europe and co-wrote and directed the feature film ›Emocean‹. Weihl released the debut Discovery Zone album ›Remote Control‹ in June 2020. She has performed live on DLF Radio Kultur and toured with notable artists such as U.S. Girls and Weyes Blood.

For 2020, Discovery Zone was granted the residency at Le Plan in Ris Orangis/Paris. An impression of the residency is given by the 2020 video documentary that accompanied the artist during her stay at Le Plan.

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