Call for Concepts: Scholarships & Residencies 2020

The online application form for the funding programme Scholarships & Residencies has been activated. Musicians from all genres of popular music who live and work in Berlin can apply for a scholarship or residency until March 1, 2020.

In 2020, the Musicboard will award twelve residencies abroad to Berlin pop musicians in Los Angeles, Salvador de Bahia, Marseille, Paris, Panicale, Detroit, Tehran, Havana, Kampala, Kolkata, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur and for the first time in Tel Aviv. The Musicboard’s residency work will set its focus on transcultural co-productions and, for the first time starting this year, will also be welcoming international artists for residencies in Berlin.

The Detroit residence and the new residence in Tel Aviv will be announced as two-part tandem residencies, taking place both abroad and in Berlin while being committed to artistic collaborations between Berlin-based musicians and international musicians.

The residencies in Tehran and Kolkata, formerly part of the Border Movement project, will also be announced as two-part tandem residencies. They will be part of the new project actiRHYTHM, a joint residency format of Goethe-Institut and Musicboard Berlin, and focus on music and activism.

The cooperation with Deutsche Oper Berlin, initiated in 2018, will be continued. In 2020, two domestic scholarships (Hinterhalt Scholarship) will again be offered for the composition and design of an evening in the series AUS DEM HINTERHALT.

Furthermore, Musicboard Berlin is offering special coaching sessions. Musicboard scholarship holders have the opportunity to receive individual coaching with Jovanka von Wilsdorf in addition to their scholarship. As in the previous year, there will be the opportunity to extend the residencies in Marseille and Paris by an artist coaching with our partners from Le Studio des Variétés in Paris.

You can find detailed information and documents on the Scholarships & Residencies programme here.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Call for Concepts