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Around 150 funded musicians and music projects in Berlin are supported by the Musicboard annually through its Scholarships and Residencies, Support Tour Funding as well as the funding programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin, Pop im Kiez and Festival Funding. You can view all of the projects funded thus far by Musicboard Berlin here.
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Alex Stolze

Alex Stolze

Music is something the Berlin-born Stolze considers integral to his life – a need apparent in the passion he puts …

Von Wegen Lisbeth (Photo: Lukas Vogt)

Von Wegen Lisbeth

Five Berlin boys and a small cellar: The result resembles a rather dense piece of pastry. It smells a little …

Odd Couple (Foto: Julian Weigand)

Odd Couple

Jascha Kreft and Tammo Dehn are childhood friends, native East Frisians, Berliners by choice and experts in curiosities. Since 2014, …

NOSOYO (Foto: Louis Bürk)


The emerging Berlin-based duo NOSOYO (pronounced no-soy-yó) is composed of two dynamic artists: Donata (vocals, guitar, songwriting) and Daim (vocals, …

MISS KENICHI & THE SUN (Foto: Antje Taiga Jandrig)


Katrin Hahner (Berlin/Reykjavik) is a multidisciplinary and genre-bending sonic and visual artist and mastermind behind the new project KENICHI & …

Snøffeltøffs (Photo: Marco Leitermann)


Snøffeltøffs are two boys from Berlin who serve unpretentious Grarage Rock with a real Popstar attitude (»Shit-Fi Pizza Wave« is …

Die Wilde Jagd (Foto: Jakub Koncir)

Die Wilde Jagd

Die Wilde Jagd (›The Wild Hunt‹) is a project of Berlin-based musician Sebastian Lee Philipp in collaboration with co-producer Ralf …