Open House mit Winterfest im silent green

Once again this year, silent green is opening its doors wide and invites you to its open house and winter festival on the first weekend in December. You can look forward to concerts, DJ sets, film screenings, market stalls, historical guided tours, and warm and wintery treats. As part of the silent green community, Musicboard presents three concerts by current and former grantees FAYIM and Kaala on Saturday, as well as Johanna Amelie on Sunday.

FAYIM is a singer-songwriter who strikes a perfect balance between depth and lightness – with his lyrics, his distinctive voice and his empowering and positive spirit. FAYIM is an artist who processes his personal experiences, but also gives comfort through his music. His energy and warmth on stage give the audience the feeling of an intimate gathering. By bringing together influences from Pop, Soul, R&B, Gospel, and Jazz and sharing his emotions through art, he follows one of his biggest inspirations, the late Black poet, artist and activist May Ayim.

Kaala is a Berlin based artist, songwriter and producer, who writes love songs of the other kind. Her sound combines elements of warm, electronic textures with organic, danceable rhythms and through her uncompromising lyrics transfers you into a world of freedom within vulnerability. As an embodiment of her duality her own intercultural experience as a German Indian person serves as a soundscape to her music. In her search for belonging, she finds herself in the musical integration of influences from traditional Indian music. Her style is influenced by experimental artists like Moses Sumney, Sevdaliza, and Kimbra, and blends percussive beats with atmospheric harmonies.

Johanna Amelie writes folky, dreamy and modern songs about everything that moves her – about romance, death, parenthood or plastic pollution. Even as a child, Johanna Amelie couldn’t keep her hands off instruments, learning the violin, later the viola, saxophone, piano and flute, and finally studied music. Today she is part of Berlin’s indie scene, performs internationally, and works with renowned producers. At Music Women* Germany, she also campaigns for the visibility of Flinta* artists. Together with the fem*ergy collective, she opened for SEEED this summer. In September, Johanna spent her time in Paris as a Musicboard resident, writing new songs she will now present at silent green.


  • Market stalls with handmade and upcycled products from the region
  • Big cinema, small cinema #65: Let’s play – playing games in the film (for everyone aged 5 and over)
  • Best Of Pictoplasma 2023 – Animated short films in the cinema in the Betonhalle
  • Concert by Lotta St. Joan
  • DJ sets by Hot Sauce Felix  I Luca Carluccio I nugget I SAL
  • Handicrafts in the studios
  • Historical guided tours I Please book in advance
  • Warm and wintery treats from the MARS-kitchen


STATTLAB & friends, vulva soaps by lejlac, sustainable handmade bags by wallawallaberlin, sustainable handicrafts made from rescued wool by Wilde Käthe, crocheted items by EveryPieceAFriend, ceramics and porcelain by Nathalie Knoll, Clayers Collective and ANNADIEKMANN, oils by Heimstein Geschmackswerke, candles by Luce, prints, pictures, graphics and books by we make it, Dagie Brundert, Bjoern Giesecke, jewellery by Anna Kiryakova, silk design by Melasilk and vinyls and records by K7!

Saturday, 2 December, 2–8 p.m.
Sunday, 3 December, 12–6 p.m.

Entire premises
Admission free

Portrait of FAYIM
FAYIM (photo: Maischa Souaga)
Portrait of kaala
Kaala (photo: Vera Joder)
Johanna Amelie, wearing a yellow shirt, in front of an italian pizza place
Johanna Amelie (photo: Steffi Rettinger)