FAYIM is a singer-songwriter who creates a perfect balance between profundity and ease – with his lyrics, his distinctive voice and his empowering and positive spirit. FAYIM is an artist who processes his personal experiences, but also gives comfort through his music. His sensitive and authentic energy on stage offers the audience the feeling of an intimate gathering, a safer space, especially for queer Black people. With influences from R&B, pop, soul, gospel, jazz, and one of his biggest inspirations, the late Black activist May Ayim, he belongs to a new generation of artists who successfully combine pop culture and activism. As a singer he has performed with established artists at concerts and projects together with Noah Slee, K. Zia, Ian Hooper, Zak Abel, badmómzjay and many more, and is a member of the Berlin vocal ensemble A Song for You.

FAYIM receives a grant of 5,329 euros in 2023.

Portrait of FAYIM
FAYIM (photo: Maischa Souaga)