Shawescape Renegade

The Soldier Of Electro, Shawescape Renegade, or simply Shaw, hails from an area within the depths of Detroit, known as the »Red Zone« or »48205«. Immersed in electronic music from an early age, his auditory journey began with video game soundtracks and the iconic radio shows of the 80s and 90s, including »The Electrifying Mojo« and featuring luminaries like The FM98 Wizard Jeff Mills. Hearing the sound of Aux88, Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, UR, Model500 and more, music became intertwined with his DNA, shaping his very essence.

Under the alias Torq, Shaw released his debut album, ›Sights Of Detroit‹, in 2009 on Napalm Enema Records in Canada. In 2011, under the name J Shaw, he made his mark on the UK label, Militant Science Records, followed by a vinyl release on Antizero in 2012. Shawescape’s humble spirit and passion for music led him to cross paths with Detroit’s Techno luminaries, including Aaron Carl, DJ Maaco of Detroit In Effect, DJ Stingray, Keith Tucker, Aux88, Mike Banks, and many others who enriched his journey.

His pivotal move to Submerge Studios, the epicenter of Underground Resistance, in 2012 marked a turning point, enabling him to delve deeper into the art of music. As he honed his skills, Shawescape starting sharing lineups with prominent figures from Detroit’s music scene and also talented artist from around the globe. He embarked on a creative journey, self-releasing EPs such as ›J Shaw – Destination Space‹, ›Shawescape – Escapism‹, and ›Reconstruct Your Mind‹, featuring a remix by Keith Tucker. His work also found its way onto various compilations and remix projects, with much more to come.

Shawescape Renegade is awarded the co-creation residency Detroit / Berlin in 2023, which he will take up together with Berlin artist Sara Miller in 2024.

Shaw in front of a brick wall, looking into the camera. He wears an Afro, glasses and a mask that covers his mouth and nose.
Shawescape Renegade (Photo: Robert Guzman)