Sara Miller

Those tender moments of cathartic house euphoria are what Sara Miller strives for, as the Irish-born DJ and producer conducts blissful trajectories through the then and now from her adopted home of Berlin. Her artistry is inspired by Berlin’s distinct hedonism, indulging the city’s timeless dancefloor energy to enact ecstasy upon ravers. Astral melodies, rubbery basslines and soaring breaks embrace under Sara’s inherent exuberance, an experiential wonder that has seen her remain a constant presence in renowned clubbing institutions of Europe where she has honed her craft of genre-bending selections that ran the gauntlet of progressive house, italo, acid, disco and deep house.

›Lunar Theory‹, released in 2023 on Permanent Vacation, marked Sara’s highly anticipated first solo EP following her debut track ›Orange Sea‹ released on the label in 2021. Each track bounces along with purposeful energy while embracing lush harmonics, plush pads and bubbling acid tones along its way.

Sara Miller is awarded the co-creation residency Detroit / Berlin in 2023, which she will take up together with Detroit artist Shawescape Renegade in 2024.

Portrait of Sara. She is wearing a pattern blouse and is looking directly at the camera. Blurred, colorful lights in the background.
Sara Miller (Photo: Alan Patrick Photography)