Call for Concepts: Residencies 2023

Creative retreat, co-creation, and interdisciplinary exchange: Musicboard Berlin is granting seven more residencies at five special locations in Germany and abroad with the second funding round 2023. Up until the application deadline on 1 June 2023 at 6:00 p.m., musicians from all genres of popular music who live and work in Berlin can apply for the Co-Creation Residency Detroit / Berlin, residencies abroad in Los Angeles and Ris-Orangis/Paris, and domestic residencies in Dresden and the Uckermark region.

To answer your questions on the Call for Concepts, together with Kreativ Kultur Berlin and Music Pool Berlin, Musicboard will provide an Online Infocall on 3 May 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

The Hinterhalt Commission in cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin will not be called for in 2023 due to renovation measures in the venue. The next Call for Concepts for the Hinterhalt Commission is expected to run until 1 June 2024 for a realisation in the following year.


Musicboard Berlin in cooperation with the Detroit-Berlin Connection grants one Berlin and one Detroit-based solo artist from the field of electronic music a two-way Co-Creation Residency. Berlin-based musicians can apply via the Musicboard for a stay in Detroit for up to two months. The idea of this residency is to promote unique exchange and collaboration between musicians from Detroit and musicians from Berlin.

Details and application:
Co-Creation Residency Detroit / Berlin


Musicboard Berlin in cooperation with the Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V. grants one Berlin pop musician a three-month residency at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles, USA in 2023. As an established residency house, it offers a space for interdisciplinary exchange as well as the opportunity to work on own artistic projects.

Details and application:
Residency at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles


In cooperation with the live venue Le Plan, Musicboard Berlin grants one Berlin-based musician or duo a three-week residency in Ris-Orangis near Paris, France. The residency is particularly suitable for musicians who are looking to develop or implement a specific technical or artistic project using resources and equipment of the highest standard. The work-intensive residency is accompanied by a three-day coaching through Le Studio des Variétés which is tailored to the musician’s individual needs.

Details and application:
Residency at Le Plan, Ris-Orangis/Paris


In cooperation with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Musicboard Berlin grants two four-week domestic residencies in 2023 to Berlin-based interdisciplinary pop music soloists or duos. The residencies at HELLERAU in Dresden offer an international, collaborative and interdisciplinary working atmosphere. The residents are supported in the realisation of their artistic projects by on-site mentoring.

Details and application:
Residency at HELLERAU, Dresden


The Musicboard grants two three-week residencies at Sternhagen Gut in the Uckermark District of Brandenburg to Berlin-based solo musicians, duos, groups or bands from the electronic or electro-acoustic fields. Sternhagen Gut is an ideal retreat for musicians who want to work, write and compose their music in a focused and calm environment. On site, there is the possibility to further develop material in a simple, in-house recording studio. During the residencies, Gudrun Gut supports the artists with the development of their artistic projects as part of an individual mentoring.

Details and application:
Residency at Sternhagen Gut, Uckermark


You are interested in our Residencies, have read the FAQ but still have questions? No problem! Together with our cooperation partners from Kreativ Kultur Berlin and Music Pool Berlin, we will provide an Online Infocall in a relaxed setting to answer all of your questions. Join at 3 May 2023 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The link to the zoom meeting will be posted in the Facebook-Event.


Call for Concepts
View of Villa Aurora
Los Angeles – Villa Aurora (Photo: Mirko Lux)
Photo of the Le Plan premises. The building resembles a black cube. On the left is a gated entrance to the building, on the right side the building is marked distinctively with the lettering Le Plan.
Paris/Ris-Orangis – Le Plan (Photo: Le Plan)
Sternhagen Gut (Photo: Thomas Fehlmann)
Sternhagen Gut (Photo: Thomas Fehlmann)