Jury: Label Funding

Funding is awarded through Musicboard Berlin GmbH upon recommendation of an independent jury of Berlin-based pop experts and in consultation with the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion. Jury members are usually appointed for a period of three years. The following jury is currently appointed to the Label Funding programme:


With years of experience at a label and its associated booking agency and publishing company, Beate Dietrich is now a member assistant at the Association of Independent Musicians and Music Companies (VUT), advising young and established label makers alike along with other independent entrepreneurs in the music industry. She is also a project manager at MEWEM, a nationwide mentoring programme for young female, trans, and non-binary talents in the music industry. Besides these roles, Beate has been involved in various other music and cultural projects – in marketing, as a funding consultant, as a volunteer editor and board member at an independent radio station, and as a jury member for the 2021 Wettbewerb Popmusik Sachsen.


Eva Rölen has been involved in the music industry since she was a teenager. As a musician, she has been playing and organizing concerts since she was 15. After finishing school, she studied International Music Management in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Eva then moved to Berlin, where she worked as an event manager at White Trash Fast Food and as a booker at Audiolith and Destiny Tourbooking. Bored by the surplus of male artists in the rock scene, she founded her own agency GRöli Music in 2019, with which she supports female artists and new, up-and-coming bands in booking and management. Eva also goes on tour herself as a tour manager, merchandiser and production manager. Moreover, she works freelance as a technical evening manager in Berlin clubs and holds music industry workshops, courses and individual coaching sessions throughout Germany, including at Music Pool Berlin.


Ji-Hun Kim is an editor, journalist, lecturer and music producer. He studied musicology and philosophy. He was editor at De:Bug for many years and is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Das Filter. As a freelance author, columnist and journalist, he works for Monopol and Der Freitag, among others. He has received teaching assignments from Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Bonn. He was responsible for the concept and content of the multiple award-winning book “Electronic Beats”. Ji-Hun Kim lives with his family in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


Thien Nguyen is a label owner, international DJ, music and film producer. Together with his long-time business partner, he organises the open-air series Hallo Montag, which provides a musical platform for young artists. His work as a remixer, as a music producer and composer brought him several awards and various nominations. As a DJ, he has been flying around the world for almost two decades, playing in all the well-known clubs and festivals. Since 2019, Thien Nguyen has additionally focused on working as an executive producer for musical film projects of ARTE Concert, among others.

Portraits of the jury members Beate und Eva
Beate Dietrich (photo: Stefan Wieland), Eva Rölen
Portraits of the jury members Ji-Hun und Thien
Ji-Hun Kim (photo: Fabian Zapatka), Thien Nguyen (photo: Vitali Gelwich)