İç İçe – Festival für neue anatolische Musik

İç İçe, which is Turkish for »intertwined« or »interwoven«, is a festival for contemporary Anatolian music. The genre-spanning programme of music and culture shows that sound can resonate across regional borders, bringing about a confluence of different places and histories. The festival’s defining feature is the way in which artists reinterpret cultural elements from their own backgrounds, making their voices heard in the societies they live in. On this basis, İç İçe stands for hybrid identities, the acceptance of multiple affiliations and for living and celebrating our post-migrant society. The 2021 edition gathred artists and bands such as Barış K., Daughters and Sons of Gastarbeiters, Gaddafi Gals and Gazino Neukölln.

With a genre-spanning programme of music and culture, the 2022 edition welcomed artists such as Anthony Hüseyin, DJ Ipek, Jacqueline Saki Aslan, Ladies on Records and Slimgirl Fat to Festsaal Kreuzberg.