gespenster is the project of Phil Haussmann, a Berlin-based songwriter who has previously released two albums and toured extensively with indie-folk outfit Apples In Space. Known for his raw, emotive delivery, delicate melodies, highly relatable lyrics and DIY ethos, Phil started writing gespenster’s debut album three years ago following the loss of a dear friend. gespenster is dealing with the ghosts of the past haunting us. The ghosts of past relationships, the ghosts of loved ones who went missing along the way, the ghosts of your own expectations. Weaving the personal with the political, gespenster’s stories are set among Berlin’s twentysomethings – a cast of international characters who are constantly confused, searching for identity and truth in all the wrong places, on the streets and the anonymity of Berlin’s clubs, ultimately finding redemption in the acceptance of the inevitable.

For 2020, gespenster is receiving a grant in the amount of 2,500 euros to work on his debut album.

genspenster (Photo: Isa Zappe)