DJ Scotch Egg

Armed only with Nintendo Game Boys and a penchant for mosh pits, DJ Scotch Egg began as an experimental 8-bit gabba and breakcore project. Shige Ishihara exploded onto the UK underground scene in the early 2000s, building a legion of dedicated followers who flocked to witness his energetic performances. Since moving to Berlin in 2011, the Scotch Egg sound has evolved to embrace hip-hop, trap, dub, dancehall, dark ambient, field recording, sound design, and African influences. He is one half of tropical pop duo WaqWaq Kingdom (Jahtari, Phantom Limb) and plays bass in shoegaze band Seefeel (Warp). His most recent release is the ›Kanpai‹ EP with MC Ethnique Punch (Sony Epic Turkey).

For 2019, DJ Scotch Egg has been granted the residency in Kampala, Uganda.

DJ Scotch Egg (Foto: privat)
DJ Scotch Egg (Photo: privat)