Das Festival für selbstgebaute Musik

The Festival für selbstgebaute Musik (»Festival for Self-Built Music«) seeks to highlight two topics: unusual, home-made instruments and similar, idiosyncratic non-conformist musical concepts. In 2021, the festival explored the theme of how the city of Berlin can be played collectively, once again daring to experiment with ways of making music and culture possible despite the pandemic. Self-built music opened up worlds of sound where they were not expected, inviting people to experiment, listen and discover, finding unusual ways to interact with the entire city as a sonic space. On 5th September, the main day of the festival, numerous sound installations and sound sculptures by artists such as Atonor, Melodie Melak, Katrin Caspar, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka and Hans Unstern could be viewed, played with and recreated at the Holzmarkt on the bank of the Spree. Installations by Kässrin Kelch, Moritz Simon Geist and Brad Nath were also part of the exhibition in the Säälchen.

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