Zeyo Mann

Zeyo is a songwriter, rapper and producer who mixes and masters his songs alone. His work is at the intersection of art and activism, as he explores and develops his own voice as a socio-politically engaged artist. At the heart of his work are his lyrics, which transport messages, content and meaning in Arabic. His lyrics deal with the things and experiences that he has been going through in his youth. Most of his work is political and raises awareness on the political situation in Sudan, as well as issues like religious extremism, racism, and gender discrimination. His goal is to educate young people and future generations through music and art, and show them that their voices matter. A few years after he started rapping, he discovered the power of visual storytelling. In his opinion videos complete and empower his artistic work as a politically conscious musician and rapper in a very powerful way.

Zeyo Mann receives a grant of 6,000 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Zeyo Mann
Photo: Julian Damm