World Wild Web

World Wild Web (WWW) is the project of French producer Manuel Jesus. His sound is colourful and crowded, an organic conglomerate of distinct influences oscillating between experimental dance music, 70s psych, dub, Indian music, African electronic and acid house. After years of playing various instruments and singing in a psychedelic band, the need for fresh inspiration and more artistic freedom pushed Manuel to explore electronic music and its flexibility. Constantly learning, evolving and challenging himself, he mixes every kind of music he’s ever heard and shapes it into a unique sound. Performing with a minimal traveling set-up, WWW plays liberating dance music based on live looping, vocals and interwoven psychedelic keyboard leads. His songs sound different every time, absorbing the energy of the respective crowd. For seated audiences, he sometimes also plays fully improvised, minimalistic music – suitable for closing ones eyes and feeling the short loops merge into a giant swirl.

For 2019, World Wild Web has been granted the residency in India and Sri Lanka.

World Wide Web (Photo: Miriam Marlene)