Video documentary: Aus dem Hinterhalt 2022

Since 2016 and since 2018 in cooperation with Musicboard Berlin, the late-night performance series ›Aus dem Hinterhalt‹ has been taking place in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The idea behind the series is to showcase commentaries on one of the operatic works that is premiering on the main stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in the same season. With its Hinterhalt Commission Musicboard has been supporting artists in this endeavour. From own artistic material, the Musicboard scholarship holder develops an original evening of music theater and realises it in thematic and conceptual cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

The Musicboard-funded Hinterhalt productions by synth band Polypore and songwriter Max Prosa could be seen live at the Tischlerei in January 2022, after pandemic-related postponements. While Max Prosa reinterpreted Wagner’s »Götterdämmerung«, Polypore questioned Wagner’s »Rheingold« as a late-night performance from today’s perspective. Both productions were recorded by and released online.

Watch the video:

Max Prosa & Band at Deutsche Oper
Polypore at Deutsche Oper

Musicboard’s Hinterhalt Commission:
Hinterhalt Commission

Aus dem Hinterhalt (Photo: Eike Walkenhorst)
Aus dem Hinterhalt (Photo: Eike Walkenhorst)