Video documentary: Aus dem Hinterhalt 2021

Since 2016 and since 2018 in cooperation with Musicboard Berlin, the late-night performance series ›Aus dem Hinterhalt‹ has been taking place in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The idea behind the series is to showcase commentaries on one of the operatic works that is premiering on the main stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in the same season. With its Hinterhalt Commission Musicboard has been supporting artists in this endeavour. From own artistic material, the Musicboard scholarship holder develops an original evening of music theater and realises it in thematic and conceptual cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

In November 2021 Sofia Portanet questioned and re-examined Wagner’s ›Siegfried‹ from today’s perspective in her Musicboard-funded Hinterhalt production. She was supported by her five-piece band as well as artists from the ensembles of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Sofia Portanet, who released her highly acclaimed debut album ›Freier Geist‹ in 2020, transports post-punk and Neue Deutsche Welle into the year 2020 with her very own style of singing as well as through mixing influences from classical music and opera with an aura of Lene Lovich, Kate Bush and Edith Piaf. The alternative pop artist’s inspiration stems equally from the repetitive, minimalist sounds of krautrock bands like Neu! and the arrangements, lyrics and music of Ideal, DAF and 80s synth-pop.

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Sofia Portanet at Deutsche Oper

Musicboard’s Hinterhalt Commission:
Hinterhalt Commission

Pop-Kultur Festival 2021 – Sofia Portanet (Photo: Camille Blake)
Pop-Kultur Festival 2021 – Sofia Portanet (Photo: Camille Blake)