VALENTIN heralds a new era in the music industry with her single ›Drogen nehmen‹ (›Taking Drugs‹). She paves the way for upcoming artists who, just like she did, grew up hand-in-hand with digitalisation and create everything themselves – from idea to final product. Combining high-quality and her own aesthetics, the Berlin-based artist manages to not only address the underground but also the mainstream. Her drums are driving and whipping, her German lyrics unpredictably clear and her clarinet a shot in the heart. A newcomer with a lifetime of practice. VALENTIN grew up in a family of musicians, soaked up her adolescent energy from German hip-hop, ended up in a techno club at some point and, today, creates a sound that reflects her life – with all the influences that have shaped her. The platform Curated by GIRLS seems convinced of VALENTIN’s effortless coolness and hard-working, absolute girl-boss nature: »The guys wanna be her, the girls wanna be her. We think she will conquer the world in 2020.«

For 2020, VALENTIN is receiving a grant in the amount of 1,500 euros to shoot the video to her single ›Drogen nehmen‹.

VALENTIN (Foto: Rachel Colless)
VALENTIN (Photo: Rachel Colless)