The moment has arrived for the world to discover the powerhouse that is UCHE YARA – the young wonder, on stage and in the studio (the latter of which remains locked in a secret treasure chest to date). Without having released a single song, the artist increasingly makes mind-shattering impressions on the audiences she bewilders at her live shows – as an opener for Bilderbuch, Parcels, Marc Rebillet and together with Bilderbuch for none other than the Rolling Stones, and now, most meaningfully with her own Berlin/Vienna-based four-piece band. The 20-year-old singer, guitarist, performer and songwriter went straight from her final exams in High School to the Big (with a capital B) stage, immediately playing mega venues like Vienna’s Ernst-Happel-Stadium, open-air Arena or Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, ranging in audiences from the hundreds to the tens of thousands. How can such a fresh, young artist carry and exude such power, depth and sensational energy, as she undeniably does on stage? With sheer talent, belief in her music and a palpable foundation of joy and love. She is a musician’s musician; crossing genres, smashing norms and throwing her heart, voice, body and soul into every ounce of every moment she encounters the music. Experiencing her on stage is mesmerising, and following her on the anything-but-straight path of her unique repertoire is like venturing on a wild journey with a treasure map in tow. Each stop along the way is unexpected and boldly divergent, and a pot of gold surely awaits you at the end. From psychedelic rock to tango, to pop and R&B with driving beats and succulent hooks, gritty guitar solos and remarkably wide-ranging vocals, UCHE YARA delivers it all – more than you knew was possible in one band, and certainly in one person. Standing (rather, dancing) in the audience of an UCHE YARA show sends goosebumps to places you nearly can’t identify, in parts of you, you didn’t even know existed. 2023 marks a milestone year for the artist, with a packed row of shows at major festivals and venues throughout Europe. Moreover, rumour has it: her first release will happen this summer. Can we wait? Barely.

UCHE YARA receives a grant of 10,000 euros in 2023.

Uche Yara, singing and dancing in bright stage light
Photo: Mala Kolumna