Under the moniker TEll A ViSiON, Berlin-based singer, songwriter and music producer Fee Kürten is rediscovering herself: evolution not revolution! While she still served a mixture of Krautrock and Synthpop in 2021, her current project, which is created in cooperation with the label Duchess Box Records, describes the creative and ecological metamorphosis back to her roots and youthful interest in hip-hop and rap. ›Call Me By My Name‹ is the apt name of TEll A ViSiON’s first single leading to the musical vision of her 11-year-old self creating first songs and rap lyrics. TEll A ViSiON has evolved, is more urban, less avant-pop, but energetic and punchy and certainly still experimental – somewhere between trip-hop, spoken word and plunderphonics.

In 2020, TEll A ViSiON has been granted the tandem residency in Tel Aviv, Israel, which she took up together with Israeli rapper Echo in the digital space. The resulting digital collaboration was presented as part of Pop-Kultur festival 2020.

In 2021, TEll A ViSiON received a grant of 2,300 euros to develop twelve songs in cooperation with a professional songwriter.

In November 2022 TEll A ViSiON was on tour with Guano Apes and therefore received Musicboard’s Support Tour Funding.

TEll A ViSiON (Photo: Bob Jones)
TEll A ViSiON (Photo: Bob Jones)