Photo: Tim Bruening

Tellavision is the music project of Berlin-based songwriter, producer, performer and interdisciplinary artist Fee Kürten. As Tellavision, Kürten serves a mixture of Krautrock, Techno and Synthpop, generated mainly from electronic instruments. In doing so, Tellavision gives abstract occurrences an expressionistic shape. Surreal silence meets a throbbing Euro-American art-pop hybrid, transforming into a sound that pursues internationalist aspirations, which Tellavision herself describes as »hardware post pop.« Tellavision released her debut ›Music on Canvas‹ in 2011 via US label Feeding Tube Records. The most recent album ›Add Land‹ was released in 2019 on German avant-garde label Bureau B.

For 2020, Tellavision has been granted the tandem residency in Tel Aviv, Israel, which she will take up together with Israeli rapper Echo in the digital space. The resulting digital collaboration will be presented as part of Pop-Kultur festival 2020.