Sonic Curiosities

Founded in 2019 by a small group of sound artists, Sonic Curiosities aim to strengthen, support and celebrate their community through experimental music events in the community garden of the independently run Villa Kuriosium in Berlin-Lichtenberg. The focus of the collectively organised events is on promoting queer perspectives and identities. After five editions with various live performances, installations and video works, the sixth edition of the event series in August 2021 gave itself a thematic slant. Framed by the questioning of capitalist-material relations, consumption and wasteful social tendencies, Sonic Curiosities dealt with the reuse and transformation of objects. Alongside sound installations and sculptures by Cai Socias, Santiago Burreli, Pedro Ferriera and Lena Wenta, the programme also included performances by Ephemeral autonomies and Laure Boer.

Sonic Curiosities No. 6