Sera Kalo

Sera Kalo is a genre-fluid, Berlin-based Caribbean-American singer & songwriter. Quiet in nature, Sera’s music serves as a powerful outlet for her unfiltered thoughts and raw energy. Her music is a reflection of who she is, and she uses it to express the many flavours of her identity. With her band Sera Kalo’s eXante she performs genre-bending songs characterised by melodic avant-soul melodies that merge with a sultry electroacoustic atmosphere. Sera Kalo’s visual EP ›Serendipity‹ was released in April 2023 followed by her full album release ›eXante‹ in June 2023 with O-tone Music. Sera Kalo has found her voice as a singer and as songwriter using intimate musical soundscapes and poetic storytelling to characterise her sound.

In 2023, Sera Kalo receives a grant of 4,500 euros.

Portrait of Sera Kalo
Sera Kalo (photo: Dovile Sermokas)