Sam Vance-Law

Sam Vance-Law is pop music through a queer lens. From pick up lines to raising a child, marriage and divorce to crises of faith, Vance-Law takes a by turns funny by turns heartbreaking approach to life as he sees it lived around him. His first record, ›Homotopia‹, found critical acclaim as it delved into gay life in the 2010s, with his second record, ›Goodbye‹, also finding success in taking a queer angle on the intimacies of a broken heart. Vance-Law’s work is forthright, humorous, and purposefully non-judgemental. It asks for compassion as the first response to any story and to any person. And, when he gets it right, it’s also pretty good.

Sam Vance-Law receives a grant of 4,500 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Sam Vance-Lawe in front of a light blue background
Sam Vance-Law (photo: Alexander Coggin)