Running Pine

Payman Hedayatifar began his musical journey singing and writing songs in his native Tehran, Iran. Developing a unique atmospheric electronica sound, he soon released major techno and dance tracks on Afterlife and Renaissance Records alongside respected artists such as Mind Against, Recondite and Fur Coat.
Sam Eyvaz played viola in Tehran’s symphonic and contemporary orchestras before diving into the electro-punk scene and switching to drums. Since moving to Berlin in 2015, he has been producing music and live performances, besides curating and directing the Future East Festival for contemporary music and new media art.
Together, they are Running Pine: a sonic journey with rhythmic elements and expressive vocals. With a wealth of futuristic soundscapes and emotional vocal melodies, Running Pine is on the verge of finding its true expression within contemporary electronic music.

Running Pine receive one of the two domestic residencies at HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in Dresden in 2022. During their residency, they conduct artistic research for upcoming projects.

Running Pine (Photo: Sam Eyvaz)
Running Pine (Photo: Sam Eyvaz)