Ria Boss

Ria Boss, also affectionately known as Cat Mama, is a real jack-of-all-trades. She has met Kamala Harris, hosts the show ›Cat Mama World‹ on Oroko Radio, gives workshops, promotes creative women, and organises open-mic nights in her hometown of the Ghanaian capital. She is best known, however, as a musician. Her soulful and dreamy songs have their roots in the harmonies of spirituals, the Motown sound, neo-soul and the songwriting of Nina Simone and Lauryn Hill as well as in the vocal depth and power of Jill Scott and Ella Fitzgerald. No wonder, then, that her debut live album ›REMEMBER‹ was voted the top R&B album of 2022 by Native Magazine.

Ria Boss is awarded the 2023 co-creation residency in Berlin, Germany and Accra, Ghana, under which she collaborates with Berlin-based Aka Kelzz.

Profile portrait of Ria Boss. She is wearing big golden hoops and pink and blue make-up.
Ria Boss (Foto: Elikem Akpalu)