Aka Kelzz

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Aka Kelzz has always loved making music and is now combining that with sharing their experiences around dealing with mental health, trauma and a new understanding of love to name a few things. Aka Kelzz is on a journey of embracing their childhood dream of creating and sharing their music with the world. They want to take you on a journey of wavy beats, expressive words and tranquilizing vocals.

Aka Kelzz is awarded the 2023 co-creation residency in Accra, Ghana and Berlin, Germany, under which Aka Kelzz collaborates with Accra-based Ria Boss.

Portrait of Aka Kelzz in a colourful pink jacket. The image is grainy and blurry, showing the artist twice.
Aka Kelzz (Photo: Mona Shani)