Reverend Dabeler

Even with plenty of accomplishments behind him, the Reverend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. By night, he likes to roam the canyons of Berlin with his dog to watch foxes. Almut Klotz called her husband and duet partner a model flâneur, meaning he can also be seen during the day, letting the urban commotion wash over him in contemplation. Listen to the Rev on the Klotz+Dabeler albums and, well, it’s now clear that that look has mellowed considerably. Fate had brought him its challenges, but the anger of his youth has given way. And so it’s pleasing to hear the bitterness subside as more than ever, he sings of hope and dreams. Distinct from all the nice frippery like backwards guitars and the like that the Reverend likes to do on his albums, he now accompanies himself on the harpsichord, which fits in all too well with the friendly charm of his lyrical scars.

Reverend Dabeler receives a grant of 7,400 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Reverend Dabeler
Photo: Anne Luft