Regenerate Festival

After a successful debut in 2021, Refuge Worldwide once again welcomed audiences to the Regenerate Festival. The aim of the festival is to bring music, art and different social issues to the fore and to promote social engagement. Live concerts, workshops and discussions intend to stimulate conversations and create space for action.

The 2021 festival edition was broadcast on the radio station Refuge Worldwide and also took place at the Oona Bar in Berlin-Neukölln. Guests included musicians and bands such as BeatPete, Castro & Nemo, Gramrcy, Massimiliano Pagliara, mokeyanju and Wayne Snow.

In 2022, the Regenerate Festival was expanded to include additional event elements, different approaches and venues. Presenting artists such as Sarah Farina, Rita Mazza, Oudai Amer & Kimia Bani and Nour, Regenerate was held at the bar Oona, OHM and the garden of the Tresor Club.