Red Mess

Red Mess concerts are known to be a deep crooked experience with high volumes that somehow express and represent some sort of anger within. Back in their hometown, Londrina, Brazil, Red Mess music has its roots in powerful live performances. This type of experience has always shaped the phonographic approach of the studio’s productions of the band, therefore trying to capture the energy of the live concerts. The last album ›Breathtaker‹ (2022) seems to be the most successful in this regard. The producer of the record, Galego Teixeira, attended several Red Mess concerts and his approach, with an energic, raw and street-sounding mix, captures an interesting glimpse of what can be a live performance in a boiling hot tropical Brazilian bar. Based in Berlin since 2022 and with an instinctive desire for chaos, Red Mess is inspired by numerous bands and artists of the underground Brazilian scene that succeed in making dirty sounding records and performances.

Red Mess receives a grant of 7,100 euros in 2023.

the three band members of Red Mess
Photo: Ber Sardi, Styling: Manu Garcia