Public Display Of Affection

For the voyeur in all of us, Public Display Of Affection have arrived. Conceived as a mixed media art project by Jesper Munk and performer Madeleine Rose (of the dance theatre collective Das Gegenteil), the pair soon expanded to include Welsh filmmaker and punk prophet Lewis Lloyd (Plattenbau) as well as »real life« Berliner Anton Remy (Baketown). Playing their part in keeping Germany’s capital weird, Public Display Of Affection’s live shows hark back to the fearless eccentricity explored by the performance art and music collectives of 80s West Berlin. Similarly determined in their indefinability, the group entices their audiences with a novel brew of punk wonk, dramatic duets and kinky jazz. Clearly, attempts at description prove futile, producing nothing but a genre buzzword mush. Nevertheless, what Public Display Of Affection guarantee is an act of near zen-like non-duality, hitting that golden ratio between the soul- and the sinful.

For 2020, Public Display Of Affection are receiving a grant in the amount of 3,000 euros for the mastering process of their first EP as well as the production of two music videos, the commission of a cover artwork and accompanying PR measures.

Public Display Of Affection (Foto: ANTOCHRIST)
Public Display Of Affection (Photo: ANTOCHRIST)