Paula Schopf

Paula Schopf is a Berlin-based Chilean artist. She has been active under the name Chica Paula as a musician and DJ since 1997. Since her first music productions, Paula Schopf has worked with electronic sounds, utilising soundscapes and field recordings as aesthetic and compositional source material. In recent years, her practice has centred increasingly on sound research. The detailed examination of sound in urban spaces and its inherent social, historical, and political realities has become her main interest. She was invited by the artist Gudrun Gut to join the Berlin artist collective Ocean Club. Together with the musician Max Loderbauer, Paula Schopf recorded her first album, ›42 Mädchen‹. It was released in 2003 on the Berlin-based record label Monika Enterprise under the artist name Chica and the Folder. ›Under The Balcony‹, their second collaboration, followed in 2007. She has also produced various remixes for artists like Donna Regina and Hauschka.

For 2018, Paula Schopf has been granted the residency in Havanna, Cuba.

Paula Schopf (Foto: Goodyn Green)
Paula Schopf (Photo: Goodyn Green)